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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Tips

Posted on October, 2014 By SWA Services Group

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Lately, videos of the ALS Ice Bucket challenges have been soaking the news and social media networks. The rules are simple: if you are specifically challenged in an ALS Ice Bucket video, you are given 24 hours to take the challenge and donate $10. If you do not do the challenge, you are encouraged to donate $100. But what exactly is ALS, and why is it important?
ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a neurological disorder that causes muscular atrophy. ALS affects a very small percentage of our population. However, 90% of ALS cases have unknown causes and there is no known cure for ALS. At the moment, there is only one FDA approved treatment that merely slows down the progression of the disease. Unfortunately, only about 4% of patients survive for longer than 10 years.
As of July 29, 2014, total donations to the ALS Association have exceeded $100 million. This is incredible compared to the mere $2.8 million raised last year. Beyond the amazing amount of donations can help provide much needed funding for research and development, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has helped bring public awareness to the disease.
We at SWA support and encourage the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and its commendable cause. However, we encourage all participants in California to take on the challenge with these water-conserving tips in mind:

1. Perform the challenge over your lawn.
Don’t let the water go to waste on the concrete! By performing the challenge over your lawn or garden, you’re helping water the plants and spread the social media message at the same time! What a refreshing way to kill two birds with one stone.

2. Think outside the bucket!
Instead of pouring a bucket over yourself, why not go for a swim? Jumping into a pool or into the ocean is a great way to make use of existing bodies of water.

3. Challenge yourself.
Rather than do the traditional ice bucket challenge, take your own creative twist! There are many other causes that are overlooked. Try the rice bucket challenge, a challenge designed in a country where clean water is a luxury and encourages food donations. Or maybe even try the dirt challenge, a challenge created by two Californians for a dual purpose of bringing public awareness to California’s worst drought since 1985 and ALS.