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Key Advantages

Why SWA Services Group?

A study by White House Office of Consumer Affairs found that 80% of U.S. consumers would pay more for a product or service to ensure a superior customer experience.

SWA believes you should never have to pay more for excellent products or services. Our company was founded on the premise that delivering superior customer experience begins with our employees. By investing in recruiting, training and mentoring of our team of dedicated co-workers we achieve a level of customer satisfaction unmatched in the facilities management industry. Our corporate reputation is we help our customers during the good times and challenging times. It’s in our company culture to mentor our employees to create a great customer experience, daily.


Employee safety is job 1 at SWA. Our experience has demonstrated that providing a safe and healthy environment has a direct impact on the quality of life for all SWA employees. Our focus is to minimize risks to our team, contractors and equally important, our customers by actively participating in the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and the National Safety Council (NSC). OHSA is not an acronym taken for granted at SWA.  We strictly adhere to all aspect of the Occupational Health and Safety Administrations standards for the benefits of our employees and our clients. Safety is engrained in our core values and reconfirmed during our weekly employee management meetings.


We measure quality as a degree of excellence established by our standards and implemented to the specification of our clients. We believe that quality can only be achieved to exceed customer expectations if it is consistently adhered and measured for the slightest of deviations. The uniformity of our approach to quality is accomplished by weekly reviews per client and monthly client satisfaction surveys. What may be routine customer visits by other firms is not mundane at SWA. We are known to spot check our client sites monthly. Why? Why not if you believe in delivering a quality service based on performance and SWA team goal achievement?

Cost Efficiency

Costs containment is known to be simply stated however challenging to execute. SWA takes a different approach. We are known to deliver low cost services at the highest standards for quality work. We are constantly modeling our job processes to help reduce customer expenses. Our internal consulting services group is developing an innovation road map that can be shared and co-developed further with our clients. It’s a crowd sourcing approach utilize technology combined with environmental responsibility creating cost effective solutions.


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