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Because every environment is unique, SWA customizes a specific program that addresses industry needs.  Leveraging our experience, we identify the critical areas and uniqueness of your environment to promote optimum health and cleanliness.

Bio Tech

SWA exercises the highest care in delicate cleanroom environments. Our employees are educated and perform accordingly to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or ISO compliance and standards…
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SWA’s special attention to classroom settings, childcare centers, and cafeterias have been known to keep viruses at bay and critical areas germ free…
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SWA’s principal mission is to responsibly manage the City’s public facilities for the community’s current and future generations…
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Corporate / Technology

SWA uses industry best practices to deliver expected service level results. Our keen sense of quality drives us to create consistent exceptional cleaning standards that meet if not exceed our client’s needs…
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With health and wellness as the core driving forces of any fitness establishment, SWA enhances the end-user experience through creating a clean and pleasant workout facility…
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SWA specializes in warehouse and restricted areas.  Using a hybrid of state of the art equipment with green cleaning processes, our result is the ideal solution for knowing how to effectively and efficiently clean vast spaces…
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